Retirement One of my favorite people in my office group is retiring. I’m sad for me, but so happy for him! He has been a pillar at work for over 30+ years – always so helpful, dependable and kind.

As he enters this new chapter in his life; one that he has planned for, one that he is prepared for, I asked him if he had his “life” paperwork in order and he does. But, if YOU don’t yet … please visit my fellow bloggers site which will entertain and guide you.

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Cheers to Dennis, a first-mate on my friend-SHIP.

C. Lee Miller, author of Single~Yes! Lonely~No!


Who’s Your Mamma??


It will be Mothers Day soon (MAY 8th) IMG_1338–Flowers will be sent – cards will be mailed – social media will be filled with heartfelt praises for all the “Mothers” in the world – special tributes will be given and received …

I only hope that your “mom-bond” is year ‘round. I do love that there is one day a year designated to this Wonder-Woman. I know my mom did a great job of raising me because I am a happy adult.  Kudos! Bravo! High Five! And least …Thank You!

Cheers to all the women we call MOM!


C. Lee Miller, author of: Single-Yes! Lonely-No!

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I dance. Albeit, I would not qualify as one of J-Lo’s back-up dancers, I dance.
Over the years, I’ve enjoyed learning to belly-dance; I’ve taken hours upon hours of Zumba classes, I’ve Hip-Hopped all over the Santa Clarita Valley and my newest quest is learning to Twerk. (Yup, there is a technique to this style of dancing).
Dancing is a fun way to release stress, build cardio vascular strength and it gives you confidence.

Everyone can dance – there are no limits!

There is another reason I have a “spring-in-my-step”… the reviews that I have received from my new book, Single-Yes! Lonely-No!
OH! The feedback from all who have read it astonishes me! Some of the thoughtful comments have given me tears of joy!
If you have read it, please post your review, either on my website or on the site in which you purchased it ~

Just like dancing … there’s a little something in this book for EVERYONE!

C. Lee Miller, self-published author, blogger and poet.
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Still Soaring!

First I was roaring about my newly self-published book, “Single~Yes! Lonely~No!”

Now I am soaring … hovering somewhere around Cloud 9!

Come to find out … there is a new movie, soon-to-be-released, called: “How to be Single” starring, Dakota Johnson & Rebel Wilson. The movie is currently in the pre-screening stages, but once it hits the theaters, I’ll be sure to go see it. I’m curious as to how it will compare to the content of my book.

For me to be in the niche’ of this renaissance of single-living confirms my beliefs of where we are in today’s society.

My message is clear:

You may not be single for long, so while you are … take advantage of it!


C. Lee Miller, self-published author: Single~Yes! Lonely~No!



Hear Me Roar!



I’m “roaring” for a good reason … Single~Yes! Lonely~No! has been published!

Go to:

I look back at the beginning of this journey – I’ve re-read my first blog and can hardly believe it’s been 4 years in the making!

There are many Thank You’s and Acknowledgements in the book – you know who you are if you were a contributor.  Here is the time and place I can THANK all my supporters!!

I really do want feedback about the book, as it is my first, hopefully of many more to come!

GO TO: to get your copy. Makes a great gift!

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C-Lee-Miller, NOW … published author!







I recently took a journey to Denmark. Planning a journey of this nature took time and energy – I had to get the proper currency (the Danish Krone) I had to decide what to pack – I, of course, had to check website after website to find the scheduled flight in which I wanted at a price I could afford. Overall, my travel plans worked out and I had a wonderful vacation … my journey was a success.

My journey of writing this book has also taken time and energy and once completed, I feel there will also be success – but as travel plans can change – so can the course in the “journey of writing”.

A major change has occurred! The title of my book! I still hope to publish in 2015 – so stay tuned … and look for Single-Yes! Lonely-No! on




The flowers will still bloom, no matter how you feel

flowers pic

I have been taking my own advice lately, having recently become “Single Again”, I feel it has helped me move forward as the days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months – I’ve begun to feel lighter and lighter …

I recommend that after a break-up you take time to write your thoughts down-preferably in a journal so you don’t later discard them.  I’ve enjoyed looking back throughout the years and reading these old entries as I had put my raw emotions onto paper – it has been therapeutic to see how I felt then and how I’ve made it though the heartaches. I also find a lot of humor in reading my old journals; it’s where a lot of the ‘book’ content has stemmed from …

Recently, I came across a poem I wrote many years ago and ironically – it still holds true to this day. It reminds me of how open I am; then and now.

Click POEMS to read … Pisces Girl

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One Step at a Time

stairs 1418949049fb6h0

One Step at a Time …

One step closer to publishing my book, From Single to Single Again.

It certainly has been a learning experience and I could not have done it alone. So many have helped me along in this challenging journey, for that, Thank You! Few people have read the book in its entirety, but those who have had wonderful things to say about it –

I’d like to share their kind words …

Channon – I really liked your book. I love the evident thought and caring you put into it.  I feel like I have really gotten to know you and would enjoy having a glass of wine and chatting with you.You made it interesting, simple, and easy to read. I think single women or women in most any stage of their life would benefit from reading your book. It’s well thought out – you don’t talk down to anyone, but instead give upbeat, powerful suggestions that would help anyone learning how to cross whatever body of water they need to without drowning. I am very excited to share this with single and married women I know!

~Dr. Debra J. Lee-Moreno, LMFT


In From Single to Single Again, C. Lee Miller walks readers through the various stages of relationships with the perfect blend of humor and honesty. Miller’s experiences with dating in her own life provide the perfect backdrop to give this book its credibility.

~Natalie Buhl, English Department, St. Norbert


Your book tells your story in a very upbeat way, along with positive, lighthearted suggestions for navigating the waters of the relationship seas.

~Ethel Lee Miller, author of Seedlings


Miller offers plain-spoken and freewheeling relationship advice, but she also knows how to stand on her own. It’s always about the journey–not the destination.

~Ken Szymanski, author of Blue Light Special


 I absolutely loved the Afterword … perfect!

~Cheryl Anne Williams, Speech Therapist


C. Lee Miller, Author, From Single to Single Again. To leave comments, questions or concerns go to:


Worth the Weight


Worth the Weight

As we wait for the book to be finalized, I’ll promote a chapter called, Let’s Lighten-Up. As it follows a couple of heavy topics about becoming single again – I begin the chapter with a joke, but the jest of the chapter covers, a concern many of us deal with which is our weight.

A great friend of mine once told me, “The bathroom scale has only one job, it tells you how much you weigh.” “It will not tell you how pretty you are, how thoughtful you are or how wonderful you are.” I thought that was some great advice!

As we approach the holidays – enjoy all the festivities – just be aware of those Halloween Treats – they can be ‘tricky’!


C. Lee Miller, . Enjoy the short stories, blog train & poetry until the book, also titled, FROM SINGLE TO SINGLE AGAIN is published.








As I near, what I hope to be the final stages of writing my book, From Single to Single Again, I have asked a few folks, both married and single to read through the manuscript and offer constructive criticism. One of my close friends read it and she felt inspired by one of my chapters called, Wing-Woman. So inspired she wrote the following poem. I want to post it to show that this is an inspirational book in many ways, for both married and single people.



You can cry and I will dry your tears
You can lead and I will follow
You can stay for all tomorrows

Got your back, You can laugh and I will too
Got your back
No envy, pride or ego
Will ever interfere

Love you always and forever,
Anytime, anywhere, got your back


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