Letting Go …

Let go of the negativity

Let go of the harbored, labored feelings and bad emotions

Let go of the heavy thoughts

Let go of the “nots”

Let go of the disappointment

Let go of the resentment

Let go of the shame and embarrassment

It’s time to clean the attic and the basement

Time to heal and feel again

Time to feel refreshed and strong

Believe in yourself … your feelings are not wrong

Accept and love, clear the slate

Time to get back on track, it’s not too late

BELIEVE IN YOU is what she said …

It’s about time you cleared out those cobwebs

Author and Poet, C.Lee Miller, wishing everyone a happy & healthy New Year!




Pisces Girl

 Swimming in the green sea …

All directions – when will he find me?

Go with the flow, only I will know; a balance for all I need.

A composition of all signs …

Not wanting to end – just to begin.

Looking at myself from within …

A Taurus, a Cancer, a Scorpio

Go with the flow, only I will know.



There’s a Fairy Tale in my Heart … There’s a Nightmare in my Head

There’s a Fairy tale in my heart … There’s a Nightmare in my head

One filled with love, laughter and life
One filled with drama, heavy, no light
One filled with positive emotion
One filled with slow motion
One filled with sunshine and a slight breeze
One filled with resentment, no ease
One filled with smooth sailing
One filled with my heart, ailing

Fairy tales are stories … Nightmares are realities


C. Lee Miller, author, blogger and poet! Enjoys writing ‘therapy poems’, many of which she writes after a break-up.
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No Reason To Change

I’ve had no reason to change

Are you the reason I say in vain?!

I like who I am … I like what I do, but – I like you.

Change is okay with me if this is my time, reiterating, IF this is my time.

You might be the one … I’m having so much fun.

Can this last, regardless of my past?

You listen, you care – should I let my guard down do I dare?

I won’t, I could, I can, I will … give you my heart to fill.

Be gentle, be strong – please don’t prove me wrong.

C. Lee Miller, confirmed batchelorette, enjoys writing ‘therapy’ poems.
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It’s not them … It’s me

It’s not them, It’s me …

So open, so free … I don’t care is what I say … maybe I want it the other way.

Being Independent, being strong … how can that be wrong?

Living my life the way I want … is there something I’m missing? Someone I should be kissing?

Who is that one? Who could that be? The one that is supposed to be with me ….

C. Lee Miller, author and blogger at
C.Lee Miller enjoys sharing her ‘therapy poems’, in hopes to provide guidance and humor to those in need of a refreshing outlook on being single. again.