Am Single ~ Will Travel

Pisces stainglass

Although it’s officially the end of summer, summer in southern California doesn’t end after Labor Day Weekend … but I thought it was a good time to reflect on all my adventures so far this year …

Starting with a long weekend in Reno, NV. … I reunited with a high school friend – it was a comfortable weekend full of new sights, reminiscing about ‘the old days’ and catching up on our current lifestyles … you can only share so much on facebook!

Not too long after that, I headed north to San Francisco. Visiting family and long time friends – again, seeing new sights and enjoying the ambiance of a different city.

Then came a well deserved ‘stay-cation’. One of my bff’s came to visit me in southern California – we hit 4 different beaches in 4 days! We had so much fun!

During the official start of summer, I traveled to Paso Robles – wine country! Followed by a few long weekends enjoying the sun and surf of San Diego.

Mid-summer travel took me to Branson, Missouri … a sweet little town full of life – huge in entertainment. I saw 4 different musical shows, 3 of which I can recommend!

My most recent trip was a drive to Las Vegas to visit home-town friends. I told another single gal that I was driving to Las Vegas and she said, “I would never drive to Las Vegas by myself”. I replied, “If I didn’t do things by myself, I wouldn’t do anything at all”.

I may not be single for long, so while I am … I plan to take advantage of it!

Next stop ….. Nashville, Tennessee!




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  • Scott

    Sounds like a lot of fun!

  • Michael Gannaway

    Way to value your freedom.

    • Channon Miller

      Thank you!! I only hope to inspire others to do the same!