Memorial Day



I have been thinking of how to write this blog for weeks – how do I stress the importance of this day through words?

So, the answer (to my own question) is simple … THINK and FEEL Memorial Day.

Think of the fallen who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Feel for them and their families, including their friends. Really feel it.

It brings me to tears when I get that deep into my thoughts and feelings.

How did I become so patriotic? I grew up close to Washington D.C., hence, I experienced the Memorials, the Smithsonians, and yes … Arlington National Cemetery.  Google it.

In my own little way, I want to say,”Thank you” and “I’m sorry”. I know there is more that I can do to pay tribute to the men and women in uniform, and I plan to do just that!


C. Lee Miller – author of Single~Yes! Lonely~No!