Looking Forward …

Ferris Wheel

I look forward to so many things in my life, some are small events, like an up-n-coming yard sale, and some are far larger, such as:

Having recently traveled to Costa Rica with my Wing*Man, we met so many new and interesting people. I look forward to reuniting with them in the future. I have hope in my heart that I will reconnect with the special people I met while on a wonder-filled vacation.

April 2017, I look forward to attending (as a vendor) the 22nd annual Los Angeles Times FESTIVAL OF BOOKS. Booth # 167! I will be selling, signing and promoting, “Single-Yes Lonely-No” and spending the day with my classmates. This a a free family event filled with entertainers, cooking demonstrations, poetry readings etc. The USC Trojan Marching Band will kick-off each day at 10:00a.m., if you are local to the area – mark your calendar!

Two years ago, I traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark … I spent 3 wonderful days with people from around the world who were volunteering at the annual WORLD CONGRESS SANTA CLAUS convention … I can explain … my dad is a real*bearded Santa and together, we travel with hundreds of others who share in the Spirit of Christmas. We plan to go back to Denmark this year and I am looking forward to seeing my fellow folks covered in red suits and white fur!

Fill your calendar, fill your mind and fill your heart – make memories!

C. Lee Miller


  • Channon Miller

    I had the yard sale, I went to and sold copies of Single-Yes! Lonely-No! And…I spent 3 wonderful days in Denmark with my Santa family!!!