Happy New Year!

happy new year


What a wonderful year 2017 has been for me – as I reflect back to all of my “Channanigans” – I smile!  I think mostly of all the fun times I have shared with friends and family. I don’t want to imagine my life without them …

A few of my thoughts are of events that have been covered in the 2017 news – some good, some not-so-good.  We have endured: hurricanes of mass destruction, floods, fires and with all those horrible situations – there has been peace and comfort. Many people reacting and reaching out to those in need of help. I’m sure they will all end up on Santa’s “nice” list!

Another news highlight this year is a new found platform, one where women have found their voice. It started in Hollywood and has grown into an epidemic through social media. A renaissance, if you will, of women becoming stronger and fighting back.

A fight that should never have had to happen – but I am proud of these women as they are sharing their personal struggles, openly.  It does make me sad that they have endured the pain, and the shame – but these fierce women are the winners now!

As I ponder this specific topic – I have made a few notes here and there over the last several months … I wake up with these thoughts, I write them down on odd, scrap pieces of paper within my reach, I stash them and I expand on them when I have a free moment.

I recently began typing them into a word document and feel I have started writing a new book! Yes, I said it out loud. Stay Tuned!

Cheers to all!

C. Lee Miller