ONE of my favorite places to visit in Southern California is Venice Beach … I enjoy hanging out there for so many reasons: the rich history, the ambiance, the people, the entertainment, the shopping and the beautiful Pacific Ocean views.

Over the years, I have been a thousand times – every visitor that comes to see me will be taken to this magical place for hours of enjoyment. I love to play ‘tour guide’, since I had taken a three hour walking tour with Jonathan at:, my knowledge of the area increased and I am too happy to share it with others.

This is, after all, the place Charlie Chaplin was discovered at a young age!

A must stop in Venice is Small World Bookstore, right there on the boardwalk – connected to the Sidewalk Café … a hidden gem.

During a recent visit to Venice, I (as usual) stopped in at Small World Books and asked if they supported self-published authors, and they do! So, now, my book, Single~Yes! Lonely~No! can be found on the shelves of Small World Books!

I couldn’t be happier and hope that if you get the opportunity to visit Venice Beach, CA you will stop by Small World Books and check out their vast selection of books, including: Single~Yes! Lonely~No!.



C. Lee Miller, author, blogger & poet:


  • Scott

    Great news!

  • Ethel Lee-Miller

    Ah Venice Beach. It’s been decades !!! since I’ve been there. Will have you be my guide if/when I get there soon. Congrats on the book at Small World Books. That is really wonderful!!!

    • Channon Miller

      I would LOVE to be your tour guide! It’s a magical place in my heart!