The combination of confetti and cocktails screams CELEBRATION! Tis’ the season after all!

Oh! The holidays! Such a wonderful time of the year to get together with friends and family, near and far …

This particular ‘season’ may present a void in some ‘singles’ lives … they may feel they are missing out on having one special person to share all these moments with.  It doesn’t have to be that way …

Be the “Santa”, be the “Elf”.

Decorate your space to the beat of the music, whether on your Ipad, in your heart or just singing merrily to yourself.

Host a gathering – have an ‘orphan’ pot luck. Invite those who have no other plans and celebrate togetherness.

Volunteer for those less fortunate, this is the time of year charities need the most help.

Take yourself on a weekend get-away, meet new people, and explore new areas of your city/town –

Friends and family will support and encourage you!

You may not be single for long, so while you are – take advantage of it!


C. Lee Miller – self-published author of: Single~Yes! Lonely~No!