About the Author

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C. Lee Miller, confirmed bachelorette, lives in Southern California and is currently writing a self-help book about relationships from beginning to end.

She takes her past love and not-so-lucky in love experiences – puts those into her writings of poems, short stories and blogs to share with readers who have found themselves single again.

She has never married and she feels qualified to inspire others with light-hearted anecdotes of what the single life has to offer.

She volunteers when she can and enjoys spending time with friends and family, near and far.


Here are a few comments from friends and family – sharing their perspective About the Author.

Strong, but sensitive. Loving, caring, but independent. Intuitive, very supportive. Fun-loving soul.
If aliens ever landed on this planet, Channon is the one who should be sent in to welcome them. 
-Aunt M


Dependable, trustworthy and outrageous.  -Meg, friend for 13 years

Spending anytime with Channon is like inviting happiness into your life. -Chris, East Coast “boyfriend”

Channon is a free spirit that inspires. She is carefree, yet responsible. To know Channon is to know love, fun and life! -Colleen, High School girlfriend

  • http://www.socksdontbounce.com Denise Maggio

    Channon, it’s been great getting to know you! Denise.

  • http://www.mamasylum.com Shannon (with an S)

    I’d like to add to your About Me page. “Channon is unafraid of red pens. She says out loud, what others mumble. And she gives you permission to go easy on yourself.”

  • Deanie

    Beautiful person inside and out!