Happy New Year!

happy new year


What a wonderful year 2017 has been for me – as I reflect back to all of my “Channanigans” – I smile!  I think mostly of all the fun times I have shared with friends and family. I don’t want to imagine my life without them …

A few of my thoughts are of events that have been covered in the 2017 news – some good, some not-so-good.  We have endured: hurricanes of mass destruction, floods, fires and with all those horrible situations – there has been peace and comfort. Many people reacting and reaching out to those in need of help. I’m sure they will all end up on Santa’s “nice” list!

Another news highlight this year is a new found platform, one where women have found their voice. It started in Hollywood and has grown into an epidemic through social media. A renaissance, if you will, of women becoming stronger and fighting back.

A fight that should never have had to happen – but I am proud of these women as they are sharing their personal struggles, openly.  It does make me sad that they have endured the pain, and the shame – but these fierce women are the winners now!

As I ponder this specific topic – I have made a few notes here and there over the last several months … I wake up with these thoughts, I write them down on odd, scrap pieces of paper within my reach, I stash them and I expand on them when I have a free moment.

I recently began typing them into a word document and feel I have started writing a new book! Yes, I said it out loud. Stay Tuned!

Cheers to all!

C. Lee Miller






Memorial Day



I have been thinking of how to write this blog for weeks – how do I stress the importance of this day through words?

So, the answer (to my own question) is simple … THINK and FEEL Memorial Day.

Think of the fallen who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Feel for them and their families, including their friends. Really feel it.

It brings me to tears when I get that deep into my thoughts and feelings.

How did I become so patriotic? I grew up close to Washington D.C., hence, I experienced the Memorials, the Smithsonians, and yes … Arlington National Cemetery.  Google it.

In my own little way, I want to say,”Thank you” and “I’m sorry”. I know there is more that I can do to pay tribute to the men and women in uniform, and I plan to do just that!


C. Lee Miller – author of Single~Yes! Lonely~No!



Looking Forward …

Ferris Wheel

I look forward to so many things in my life, some are small events, like an up-n-coming yard sale, and some are far larger, such as:

Having recently traveled to Costa Rica with my Wing*Man, we met so many new and interesting people. I look forward to reuniting with them in the future. I have hope in my heart that I will reconnect with the special people I met while on a wonder-filled vacation.

April 2017, I look forward to attending (as a vendor) the 22nd annual Los Angeles Times FESTIVAL OF BOOKS. Booth # 167! I will be selling, signing and promoting, “Single-Yes Lonely-No” and spending the day with my classmates. This a a free family event filled with entertainers, cooking demonstrations, poetry readings etc. The USC Trojan Marching Band will kick-off each day at 10:00a.m., if you are local to the area – mark your calendar!

Two years ago, I traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark … I spent 3 wonderful days with people from around the world who were volunteering at the annual WORLD CONGRESS SANTA CLAUS convention … I can explain … my dad is a real*bearded Santa and together, we travel with hundreds of others who share in the Spirit of Christmas. We plan to go back to Denmark this year and I am looking forward to seeing my fellow folks covered in red suits and white fur!

Fill your calendar, fill your mind and fill your heart – make memories!

C. Lee Miller




I made the local paper! Yes, we would all love to look like supermodels when we get our picture in the local paper – but! it is what it is and it was fun!

Library Hosted Local Author Celebration

Santa Clarita is home to numerous talented authors, and residents were invited to meet and mingle with these local authors under one roof at the fourth annual Celebration of Local Authors.

Since 2014, the Celebration of Local Authors event has been spotlighting local writers and providing residents with the opportunity to meet with authors and explore their work.  This year’s event highlighted approximately 50 local authors, all skilled storytellers in genres including young adult, children’s, self-help and spirituality, romance, non-fiction, poetry/short stories, mystery and fiction.  Attendees had the unique opportunity to participate in moderated panel discussions, as well as purchase signed books.

Please visit www.SantaClaritaFOL.com or email friends@santaclaritalibrary.com




Love is a Gift – Happy Valentines Day


As Valentines Day approaches us ‘singles’; I only hope that it is a day of celebration. Celebrate all the friends & family that you love and the many who love you.

This day is not about a fancy dinner with a significant other – it’s not about fretting over being alone …Go Global! Go Universal! Go Spiritual! There are so many people in our lives in which we can share and spread love to-on this day and all other days ending in “Y”.

My self-published book is available on my website: www.singleyeslonelyno.com

http://www.amazon.com/Single-Yes-Lonely-No-C-Lee-Miller/dp/0692336982/ or http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/single-yes-lonely-no-c-lee-miller/1123326041.

It would make a great gift, for you or for a loved one who may struggle with being single on Valentines Day.

I’ve been told, this book goes well when paired with a glass of wine! Cheers to you!

*Coupon Code: SYLN2016

*Books will be mailed every Tuesday

*Free shipping within the USA

*Authors’ signature and/or GIFT FROM: tag included upon request.

With Love,

C. Lee Miller






Local Authors Event 2017


I have been invited to join 49 other local authors to the Old Town Newhall library to sell my self-published book, “Single~Yes! Lonely~No!”

I was an attendee last year and was happy to browse, talk and listen to other authors who had published their words; I even made a few purchases!

This event is located in Santa Clarita, CA, so if you’re a local, please stop by Saturday January 14th –  if you are out-of-town, you can purchase on many different sites: Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Walmart.com or through my website: www.fromsingletosingleagain.com

If you have already purchased my book – I ask that you submit a review or ‘like’ it on facebook – pin it – tweet it …whichever you choose! It is the perfect Valentine gift for the ‘single’ in your life!


C. Lee Miller


Now available as a Kindle edition!!








The combination of confetti and cocktails screams CELEBRATION! Tis’ the season after all!

Oh! The holidays! Such a wonderful time of the year to get together with friends and family, near and far …

This particular ‘season’ may present a void in some ‘singles’ lives … they may feel they are missing out on having one special person to share all these moments with.  It doesn’t have to be that way …

Be the “Santa”, be the “Elf”.

Decorate your space to the beat of the music, whether on your Ipad, in your heart or just singing merrily to yourself.

Host a gathering – have an ‘orphan’ pot luck. Invite those who have no other plans and celebrate togetherness.

Volunteer for those less fortunate, this is the time of year charities need the most help.

Take yourself on a weekend get-away, meet new people, and explore new areas of your city/town –

Friends and family will support and encourage you!

You may not be single for long, so while you are – take advantage of it!


C. Lee Miller – self-published author of: Single~Yes! Lonely~No!








I find it easy to give Thanks on Thanksgiving because the words are right there in the title of the Holiday: Thanks Giving.

November 11th is another special day to be thankful, Veterans Day.

It’s a day to reflect, a day to remember and a day to give thanks to all who serve our country near and far.

Not all Veterans are recognizable – they are moms and dads, they are neighbors, friends, co-workers and strangers among us.

If you happen to see one of these super-heroes in uniform, you could take a moment say, “Thank you for your service.” (Advice given to me by my cousin, K.C.)

There are many organizations in which you can donate money, items or your time. For a list of charities, go to: http://greatnonprofits.org/categories/view/veterans. 

They have helped so many; it’s time to help them in return.


C. Lee Miller, Proud Daughter of a Veteran: U.S. Navy.

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Am Single ~ Will Travel

Pisces stainglass

Although it’s officially the end of summer, summer in southern California doesn’t end after Labor Day Weekend … but I thought it was a good time to reflect on all my adventures so far this year …

Starting with a long weekend in Reno, NV. … I reunited with a high school friend – it was a comfortable weekend full of new sights, reminiscing about ‘the old days’ and catching up on our current lifestyles … you can only share so much on facebook!

Not too long after that, I headed north to San Francisco. Visiting family and long time friends – again, seeing new sights and enjoying the ambiance of a different city.

Then came a well deserved ‘stay-cation’. One of my bff’s came to visit me in southern California – we hit 4 different beaches in 4 days! We had so much fun!

During the official start of summer, I traveled to Paso Robles – wine country! Followed by a few long weekends enjoying the sun and surf of San Diego.

Mid-summer travel took me to Branson, Missouri … a sweet little town full of life – huge in entertainment. I saw 4 different musical shows, 3 of which I can recommend!

My most recent trip was a drive to Las Vegas to visit home-town friends. I told another single gal that I was driving to Las Vegas and she said, “I would never drive to Las Vegas by myself”. I replied, “If I didn’t do things by myself, I wouldn’t do anything at all”.

I may not be single for long, so while I am … I plan to take advantage of it!

Next stop ….. Nashville, Tennessee!




C. Lee Miller – author, blogger and poet.  To share comments – please visit: www.singleyeslonelyno.com




ONE of my favorite places to visit in Southern California is Venice Beach … I enjoy hanging out there for so many reasons: the rich history, the ambiance, the people, the entertainment, the shopping and the beautiful Pacific Ocean views.

Over the years, I have been a thousand times – every visitor that comes to see me will be taken to this magical place for hours of enjoyment. I love to play ‘tour guide’, since I had taken a three hour walking tour with Jonathan at: vintagevenicetours@gmail.com, my knowledge of the area increased and I am too happy to share it with others.

This is, after all, the place Charlie Chaplin was discovered at a young age!

A must stop in Venice is Small World Bookstore, right there on the boardwalk – connected to the Sidewalk Café … a hidden gem.

During a recent visit to Venice, I (as usual) stopped in at Small World Books and asked if they supported self-published authors, and they do! So, now, my book, Single~Yes! Lonely~No! can be found on the shelves of Small World Books!

I couldn’t be happier and hope that if you get the opportunity to visit Venice Beach, CA you will stop by Small World Books and check out their vast selection of books, including: Single~Yes! Lonely~No!.



C. Lee Miller, author, blogger & poet: www.singleyeslonelyno.com